East Palestine Pottery Company / W. S. George Pottery Company

Toilet ware sets, made and used before indoor plumbing, usually consisted of such items as a large wash basin, large water pitcher, chamber pot and shaving mug.  The W. S. George Pottery Company and its predecessor, the East Palestine Pottery Company, made at least 4 different residential toilet ware shapes, as well as institutional toilet wares.

The Queen and Vashti lines were made by both the East Palestine Pottery Company (until 1910) and the W. S. George Pottery Company (after 1910). 

Jefferson and Marquette were made by the East Palestine Pottery company.  I have seen no W. S. George Pottery marks for these shapes.


Queen (pre-1910)
Queen (post-1910)

Vashti (pre-1910)
Vashti (post-1910)


Vashti wash basin

Queen shaving mug

Jefferson pitcher and basin

Queen wash basin

Vashti shaving mug

Vashti pitcher

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