These people have kindly allowed me to use pictures from their online auctions or personal collections.

Karen Warho
Michael Rogers
Arlynne H. Shaffer
Carol Mounts & Linda Robbins
       (for the Canonsburg Pottery photo)
Linda Wyatt
Carmen Lofgren
Donna and Buck Doutt @ Big Dogs Farm
Jackie Simmons
Sally St. John
Carol Glaser
Sandy Akridge
Patti Schutte / Patti's Antiques,
          Indian Orchard, MA.
Syracuseangel on Ebay
Heather Devan
Frank Virzi
Cheryl Kempf
Virginia White
Tate & Bob (for the Vashti basin picture)
Tammy Fritz
another-rare-find on ebay
Ronald (Gailmaryjo on Ebay)
Kathy S.
Cindy Ann
Kathy Dilger
Dawn Rozema
Sharon Merrill
Judy Byrd
Elizabeth Killian
Karen King
Susan Robinson
Jack Starkey
Sue @ T.W. Lane Enterprises
Kathleen Blumreich
Retrofinds, Noble, Oklahoma
Bernadette Seely
Wendy  Tiongson
Charles Kelley
Janet for the Apollo picture
Leroy Harrison
James Kerr
Jeanette ( jpp7700)
Julian (for the Pueblo pictures)
Cheryl Carter  Skorupski
Leslie (elja on Ebay)
Wendi Schneider
Robert (KDHLaw)
Millie Houston
Brian & Pam Hartley
Mike Robinson
Robin (for the "Abundance" picture)
Phil (for the Silhouette pieces)
Karen Kennedy
Suzanne Higgins
Diane (lewistontrading)
Bernice Kolier at Gypsy Dishes It Out,
          Wilton, CT
Anne Purwitsky
Robin for the Times Square pictures
monluis from Ebay
biermiester from Ebay for the Cherokee Pics


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