W. S. George hotel ware soap dish.

The "Streamline" cup handle, on a Lido cup.

"Festive" design monogrammed dinnerware
(Thanks to Larisa at Retrofinds for the pictures)

A Ranchero shape monogrammed dinnerware set, from around 1950.  It was part of a set given as a wedding gift.

China, Glass and Decorative Accessories in 1950 advertised this monogrammed set that you could have personalized for a wedding present. The initials are the bride's given name, maiden name, and married name.  The ad also ran in Bride's magazine. The ad says that gift announcements are given to display while the monogram is being applied.  Deliveries were made in about 3 weeks. You could place the order at the bridal gift registry at "better department stores and gift shops". It also says they were available in chartreuse, pink, tan, and gray.  You could order all one color, or two or four color mix-ups.

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